We handle your legal issues in Turkey

We handle your legal issues in Turkey

Didim Legal Services is your first call if you need to find an English-speaking lawyer in Turkey.  

Understanding the Turkish legal system can at first be tough for foreign nationals but with the help of our English-speaking legal team, we will help you resolve your legal problems.

Didim Legal Services provides a friendly service backed up by legal professionalism. Giving you quality advice about whatever problem you may be experiencing is of paramount importance to us.

Practice Areas

Inheritance / Probate

Didim Legal Services are specialists in Turkish inheritance and probate law.

We can help you with the Probate procedure, and possible problems following the death of a loved one who owned property and had financial assets (e.g. Bank accounts) in Turkey.   

We support, advise and keep you updated throughout the procedure and can even deal with your case without you having to come to Turkey. 

Property Law

The buying and selling procedure in Turkey can be a minefield for foreigners.  

Fortunately Didim Legal Services has many years of experience in this field and our specialisation can help guide you through the procedure to ensure that you buy or sell property and/or land legally - with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of assistance. We can also assist with Habitation Certificate, and any other property/land-related, enquiries.


Having to sue someone, via the Turkish Courts system, to recover property or money, or to bring a complaint against someone, is something which everyone wants to avoid.  

If you find yourself in this position, then our wide experience and detailed advice can help you with the legal route – thus safeguarding your, and your family’s, interests – both financial and personal.

Making a Turkish Will

Since you value your possessions and want to ensure that they are correctly passed to your inheritors, we would be very happy to initially offer you free advice about how to make a Turkish Will in accordance with current law - and then to help you make your Turkish Will.  

By making a legally correct Will, you can have peace of mind that your inheritors will be properly cared for after your death.

Matrimonial Law

If you are considering a divorce from your Turkish spouse, then we would be happy to advise you as to the requirements and procedure under Turkish Law.  

We can also legally represent you throughout the matter.

You can be sure that your best interests will always be paramount to us at such a difficult time.

General Enquiries

Whatever type of legal matter brings you to us, we promise to support, advise and keep you constantly updated throughout your matter and beyond.  

You may come to us as a client, but we hope you will leave as a friend.

We have dealt with hundreds of cases since our business opened, so allow us to help you today.


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